Past Talks

(2022, October) Phillies History – Avalon Public Library

(2022, August) NJ Baseball History – Bernards Twp. Library

(2022, July) History of Baseball – Madison, NJ Public Library (Virtual)

(2021, October) Pioneers of Baseball – United Federation of Teachers (Virtual)

(2021, September/October) Professional Baseball in the Midwest – Camden County College (Virtual)

(2021, April) Ballparks of Philadelphia – Cherry Hill Public Library (Virtual)

(2021, January) 1986: The Year of the New York Mets – Rutgers University (Virtual)

(2020, December) Phillies History – The Landing of Washington Square

(2020, July) Baseball’s Oddballs, Outcasts and Outliers – Rutgers University (Virtual)

(2020, July) A Visit to New Jersey’s Minor League Ballparks – Meet the Author – Somerset County Library (Virtual)

(2020, March) Classic Ballparks – Renaissance at Raritan Valley Men’s Club

(2020, January) Pioneers of Baseball – Rutgers University- OLLI RU

(2019, May) Phillies Local History Sites – Medford Leas

(2019, October) The Classic Ballparks of Baseball – Rutgers University – OLLI RU

(2019, April) Ballparks of Philadelphia – Rosemont College

(2019, April) History of Baseball – Logan Twp. Library

(2019, March) History of the Phillies – Franklin Twp. Library

(2018, October) History of Baseball in NJ. Rutgers University – OLLI RU

(2018, September) History of Baseball in NJ. Swedesboro Library.

(2018, July) Philadelphia Phillies Highlights and Lowlights. Cape May Mid-Atlantic Arts Center for the Arts and Humanities (MAC). 

(2018, April) Society for American Baseball Research Presentation. Cherry Hill Public Library.

 (2018, January) History of Baseball in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Cherry Hill Public Library.

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